Man performing kettlebell workout to burn fat and build muscle

15-Minute Full Body Kettlebell Workout to Get You Shredded

Ever have those sessions where you blast through the gym door with one eye on the clock? Yep – the ones where there’s just not enough hours in a day, especially this one. Just stand still for one second because this work out is for you.

It’s simple, you’re going to hit your whole body in 15 minutes flat. You’re not going to be wasting time looking for equipment, and there’s no stupidly long warm up either.

To really dig deep and crush this routine you’ll be doing it AMRAP. Big in CrossFit and MetCon circles, this is an anagram of As Many Reps as You Can.

The rules are simple; hit as many reps as you can fit into a timeframe. You’ll usually always do more than one exercise, turning the workout into a kind of circuit.

How hard you go is totally down to you. After all, you’re going for as many reps as you can, right? Once you start seeing numbers, you’ll want to beat them next time though.

Dynamic warmup and mobility

Twice through

  • 10 x shoulder rotations front and back
  • 10 x arms across body swings
  • 10 x hip hinges
  • 10+10 x single leg deadlift toe touches
  • 10+10 x walking lunges twice through
  • 10 x inch worms twice through

10-minute AMRAP

Exercise 1 – Kettlebell swings – 6 reps

How to do it:

  1. Start with the kettlebell on the floor in front of you. Bend down and grab the horns with both hands
  2. Hinge at the hips until your back is flat. Pull in the lats and screw, shoulders back into the sockets, and set your neck straight
  3. Brace your core and hike the kettlebell between your legs. Once it’s reached the top of the backswing, drive your hips forward to propel the kettlebell
  4. Let the kettlebell swing to around shoulder height while keeping your arms straight. When it’s ready to fall back down, guide it back underneath your legs. When you’re at the bottom of the swing your back should be as flat as a tabletop
  5. Repeat the previous steps until you’ve hit all six reps

Tip: Keep a flat back and braced core at all times. If you feel pain in your lower back it could be because you’re stopping the swing early, causing your spine to round. Instead, guide the kettlebell all the way back and then seriously power through with your hips.

Exercise 2 – Kettlebell clean 6 + 6 reps

The kettlebell clean is a more complex movement than the standard swing. That’s why we’ll be working unilaterally, one kettlebell at a time.

  1. Set the kettlebell up slightly in front of you and follow the above steps to initiate a swing
  2. As the kettlebell swings up towards the height of your stomach, pull it back in toward you and roll your forearm underneath. Keep your wrist straight while doing this
  3. Allow the kettlebell to rotate so the bell slides gently onto the back of your forearm. Again, keep your wrist strong and aligned
  4. You’ve now landed the kettlebell in the front rack position
  5. Reverse steps 3 and 2 to drop the kettlebell back into a downward swing
  6. Once the kettlebell reaches the top of the backswing, fire your hips forward and perform another clean

Tip: Is the bell banging your forearms? Slow down the upswing and open your palm to subtly guide the kettlebell into position while it rotates. Don’t worry, your thumb should stop it from flying away. Also, while the initial swing can be powerful, the clean itself needs to be more controlled. Think fast – slow.

Exercise 3 – Kettlebell strict press 6 + 6 reps

This exercise is an absolute killer for your core. You’re working unilaterally again, meaning both sides of your body need to operate independently. Feel what this exercise tells you and learn how you can balance out your right and left side muscles.

What this move isn’t is a push press. So, you’ll notice that you’re not able to push as much weight as you could with your whole body. That’s fine, you’re building shoulder of steel with this one – embrace it.

  1. Load the kettlebell into the front rack position
  2. Brace your core, keep your eyes facing forward, and straighten your wrist (feel free to put your opposite arm out slightly for balance)
  3. Pack your shoulder back into its socket
  4. Press the kettlebell up above your head until your arm is fully straight. Lock your elbow out once you’re at the top. (Remember not to bend your knees for an extra push. This is what you’d do for a push press, not a strict military press)
  5. Lower the kettlebell back down under control into the front rack position
  6. Repeat until you’ve hit six reps and then change arms

Tip: Take a deep breath into your belly and use this to stabilize your spine. This should help you not to overarch and put straight on your lower back when the bell gets heavy.

Exercise 4 – Kettlebell goblet squat 6 reps

Goblet squats are hands down (or should we say elbows down) one of the best kettlebell moves for hitting your quads. Unlike a traditional squat where the load is behind you, the goblet squat brings it to the front, meaning that the quads need to take over.

You’ll also find this variation severely challenges your core. When you start to creep into the later reps and sets, the weight of the bell will be harder to carry. You’ll have to use your core to fight the pull forwards and keep your position uncompromised.

  1. Load a kettlebell into the front rack position
  2. Breathe in and brace your core to stabilize your spine before actively packing your shoulder back into its socket
  3. Press the kettlebell overhead in a straight line until your arm locks out using a strict press. Yep – that’s no knees to drive up at all
  4. While you’re doing this keep your back and neck straight with eyes facing forward. You might find it’s easier to hold your opposite arm out straight to the side for balance.
  5. After pausing a second to stabilize the bell, lower it back down the path it took to get to the top


There you have it, team. A full-body 15-minute kettlebell AMRAP to burn fat and build muscle. Push the intensity to turn this simple workout in a body shredding machine.

As always, let us know if you’re got any questions. Good luck out there!

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